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Management School. engineering, ICT and smart applications

MIT Tunis is a school of management and financial engineering, IT and NTIC.It is founded in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Education and Research in Economics, Technology and Management and REMEREG network which brings together public and private European, North American and Tunisian universities. Since 2005, MIT Tunis has obtained worldwide recognition (+10 partners and courses allowing students to continue in Europe, Canada, UK and India).

The REMEREG network to which MIT Tunis belongs brings together public and private European, North American and Tunisian universities. The Mediterranean University issues Tunisian diplomas. It allows its students to continue for public and private European degrees with its partners (for those who wish) and takes full advantage of the dynamism of European universities.

Word From The Manager:

MIT Tunis offers study programs, diplomas and professional certifications that meet the needs of students and the labor market. With more than 15 years of experience, it has become one of the best-known private higher education institutions in Tunisia in the field of finance, NTIC and face-to-face and distance management..

With a professional corps of 50 teachers (Professors, Experts, MCF, Visitors, etc.), MIT Tunis offers a variety of programs and degrees adapted to the labor market for both university cycles (Bachelor - Master). Teachers are also heavily involved in research and development, which contributes to the scientific and professional quality of teaching. Teachers experienced in the workplace also contribute to the wealth of education in terms of professional practice. Thanks to the excellent training they obtain, students usually find employment very easily.

Alongside school life, student life at the faculty is very vivid, dynamic and well organized. In short, it offers a stimulating environment to exercise human resources management, digital marketing, data science, management and skills related to the world of work.!

MIT offers its students clubs and certifications, a trading room, an Oracle and Cisco certification center, a digital study center, etc.

Students find it very easy to find a job thanks to additional training in Soft Skills and professional certifications. In short, MIT Tunis offers a stimulating environment to study Human Resources Management, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Management and E-Management.

Our strengths are:

-well-structured and reputable programs on the labor market,

- superior quality in training,

-a pedagogy with a highly qualified faculty,

- a dynamic and motivating student life environment.

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Word from the direction of studies


Become the African leader, Number 1, of teaching and professionalization through specializations and course certifications, The university, management, staff and teachers, welcome you to the Free Mediterranean University of Tunisia and to MIT Nabeul and the Private Mediterranean Polytechnic School of Tunis. "

MIT Tunis uses pedagogical engineering and state-of-the-art equipment as well as application clubs allow our students to receive excellent training. It provides internships with the possibility of hiring in Tunisia and abroad with our partners. The group guarantees your professional and academic future. The employability of graduates, certifications and accreditations are at the forefront “Learning by doing”

MIT Tunis provides the best training, guarantees internships in MIT Incubator and with partners; ensures your professional and academic future.

The employability of graduates, certifications and accreditations are at the forefront Learning by doing of our quality strategy.


  • Contribute to the democratization of Education in Africa, Education Accessible to all, in Africa
  • « Greater Specialization, Professionalization and Internationalization with Certifications of each course, Double Degrees, Internships and placement of students in Tunisia and abroad ».


  • -Become among the best Tunisian and African universities in terms of internationalization, professionalization and specialization.
  • - Become the first Business School using smart and digital technologies.
  • -Become the university with the highest employability rate in Tunisia
  • -MIT Tunis wants to become the first Business School that trains its students in MIT Incubator to launch their star-ups.
  • MIT Tunis is in the process of ISO 21001 Certification.
  • MIT Tunis is also preparing for international accreditation.
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