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Register now at MIT Montplaisir, a university that welcomes students from various countries and offers a wide choice of courses and diplomas recognized by the State. You can download the registration form by clicking here:

Conditions d’accès :

Licences :

  • L1 : Bachelier et concours d’Admission
  • L2 : avoir L1 et concours ou équivalence en crédits ECTS

Masters :

  • -M1 : Licence de la spécialité ou Bac +3 et concours sur dossier
  • M2 : avoir M1 dans Master équivalent
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Comment s’inscrire ?

1- Préinscription : Remplir Smart Admission sur site ou formulaire sur Place

2- Concours : en ligne ou interview ou sur place après étude de dossier

3- Admission : Téléchargez le dossier

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Register internationally:

Good news to students!
If you wish to have a double course which can lead to a European diploma and continue your studies in Europe from the first; 2nd or 3rd year of a bachelor's degree, engineering cycle accredited by the engineering titles commission in France or in a bachelor's or master's degree, our partners; gives you various opportunities.

1. Continue your studies at ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) in the UK

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) is a UK-based educational institution that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs with our co-branded academic partners, as well as executive training, workshops, conferences and seminars on various topics, locally, internationally and globally, working with partners in the UK, Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East.
ELITE is the acronym for Online Learning for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.
Continue to ELITE Innovation College Cambridge, as its dedicated partner and co-founder will provide its international study programs, including UK programs, Canadian programs, German programs and Chinese programs.
We offer the international programs that we choose from the following international universities, which are co-branded partners of the EICC:

  • University of Trinity Western (TWU), Canada
  • Davis College (DC), US
  • University of the West of Scotland (UWS),UK
  • International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany
  • Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), UK
  • University of Reading (UoR), UK
  • University of Pekin, PHBS, UK

For more information, visit our

2. To enroll in a European Master in Risk Management at Cy Cergy Paris

French public student card and diploma: Public French student card and French diploma

Admission Level : Master's or M1 all specialties in management sciences

Duration of Studies: 1 an en M2

Contact in France:

Jean luc Prigent :

You can download the registration form by clicking here:

Cy Cergy Paris registration file

3- Continue your studies in Canada with Elite Institute

To register for a license and beyond with our partner in Canada, Elite Institute ,do 1-2-3 years in Tunisia or 2 years at Institut Elite France: to obtain a French engineering degree

Admission level: License level L1 and L2 and L3: All technical and IT specialties

Contact in Canada:

International address: 97-45 place Charles-Lemoyne; Longueuil, QC J4K

Contact in Tunisia:

Please find below the link to the registration form

4. To enroll in a European Master at Brest Business School, France

Admission level : Master's degree or M1 all specialties

Duration of Studies : M1 in Tunisia and M2 in Europe

Contact in France:


You can download the registration file by clicking here <a href=''><a>

5-The Mediterranean University MIT is officially a partner of ANBG Gabon

MIT partner of the Gabonese State : See more

For tunisian students:

Background Tuition Fees Registration Fees1st installment (to pay before 15/10/20222nd installment (to pay before 15/01/2023)3rd installment (to pay before 15/03/2023)
Bachelor 5500500150030001000

For international students:

Background Frais de scolarité en CFA Registration Feesen CFA1st installment (to pay before 15/10/20222nd installment (to pay before 15/01/2023)3rd installment (to pay before 15/03/2023)
Bachelor 1350000350000300000350000350000

Additional services:

- Dorm agreed with MIT: 135 0000 CFA.

- Accompaniment from the Airport and installation with the necessary administrative formalities: 300,000 CFA.

Total: 3 million CFA: tuition; accommodation, support.

1350000+1350000+ 300000 = 3 million CFA

- Restaurant under agreement: Possibility of catering: meal of the day

NB : Mode de paiement :

Les frais de logement peuvent être échelonnés sur deux tranches ou sur une période allant de trois trimestres contre des lettres de changes ou des chèques mensuels selon les situations et les préférences des étudiants ou des parents suite à un accord et un engagement entre les deux parties.





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