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Visa procedure

How to come to Tunisia

1-Pre-registration certificate: complete form on site (click on form)
2- Sending the pre-registration file
3. Confirmation (Acceptance or addition or rejection)
4. Payment certificate: first installment payment (click on Social Responsibility and Stock Market page)
5-Accommodation contract / certificate: University hosts a week in Tunis and months in Nabeul free of charge (document attached)
6-Confirmation of the university by email to the embassy: Direction/administration

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Join MIT Polytech, MIT Nabeul, Tunis and integrate in Tunisia?
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- MIT: innovation, advanced technologies and personal development.

Preparing for arrival in Tunisia

International student = Non-Tunisian student or non-permanent resident within the meaning of the immigration law.
The student must hold a valid passport and an entry visa
Visa: Not required for some countries: see Consulate of Tunisia in your country of origin (or failing that in a neighboring country with a Tunisian representation)

Documents for visa application:

– 2 passport photographs
– visa forms provided by the Tunisian Consulate
– photocopy of the first 3 pages of your passport
– photocopy of the registration certificate and payment receipt.
NB: Your final registration is used for the Visa

Prepare well for your departure

Arrival in Tunis: Tunis-Carthage Airport, 15 minutes from the University. The passport includes study visa, reservation form, registration certificate and proof of financial resources (scholarship certificate or support).

Reception at the airport

MIT awaits you or the Afris company welcomes you.
(Communicate arrival date and flight number at least 48 hours in advance.)
The support manager receives the certified copies of the documents sent by fax or email and the originals of your documents.

Mandatory documents:

– Original admission documents
– Copy of the first pages of your passport
– Copy of the entry visa on Tunisian territory and renewal
Copy of health insurance certificate.
The costs of medical coverage (the Afris company will take care of guiding you.)

Welcome to the university

Go to the Education Department as soon as you arrive in Tunis: submit certified copies of the documents


Free accommodation from 1 day to several weeks depending on the places available in the MIT Foundation hostels.


What to do for accommodation?
The Afris company helps you to:
1 – Make a hotel reservation
2 – Staying with a relative
3 – Rent privately
4 – Have a room in a hostel

Make a reservation through Afris:

Book a hotel for 3 months: go to a travel agency.
(booking in 3 different hotels for 1 month possible).
Booking cost: variable
accommodation with offer [Afris Accommodation VISA]: reservation at an unbeatable price and an endless or home guarantee. Reservation form, + explanatory letter from VISA where you will explain that you have your own means to stay in a hotel while finding a room.
Several nearby families have signed agreements with the university.
The University and Afris help in finding accommodation.
The location of an apartment :
– A generally furnished studio including a room, F1, a kitchenette and a bathroom: monthly rent of 500 to 600 dinars
– Apartment of 2 to 3 rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, unfurnished: monthly rent rent between 800 and 1000 dinars
The rental of accommodation followed by the signing of a lease. The document with legalized signature at the Municipality may be required to obtain your residence permit.
Accommodation in the Foyer:
Book rooms even before you arrive. From approximately 75€ / bed / month.

Currency and money transfer

Fund transfers
Bank transfer to a bank in an account opened in your name.
Major foreign banks have Tunisian banking correspondents where you can receive funds.
The transfer by bank transfer being quite long (several weeks), it is therefore advisable to bring with you, in the form of cash or traveler's checks, a sufficient sum to cover your expenses for two months.
The transfer by Western Union is faster but more expensive.
Open a bank account
To open a bank account, you must go to the branch of the bank you have chosen with the following documents:
– Photocopy of the first page of your passport.
– A copy of your university registration certificate, student card or a copy of your permanent or temporary residence permit.

What you need to get your residence permit

(Afris assists you) The residence permit is a compulsory document to be requested as soon as you arrive in Tunis and this, within a period not exceeding one month of stay on Tunisian territory.

Documents to provide:

– Certificate of registration at the university and receipt of payment of tuition fees
– The rental contract / or in the case where you are staying in a hostel: a certificate of residence
– 2 passport photos
– 2 tax stamps of 10 DT to be acquired from the Revenue Department
– A proof of bank resources and / or a certificate of support
– Proof of health/accident insurance
The residence permit is only issued after 2 or 3 months from the date of submission of the application.
It will be valid until September 30 of the year and renewable.
The police station issues a temporary card which allows you to be in a regular situation.


Social service: The University offers a medical service. He watches over your health and manages preventive medicine (vaccinations, medical visits).


University restaurants
University students have access to state-run university restaurants. The price of the meal is very low (200 millimes = 0.10 euro).
Restaurant :
Une cafétéria est mise à la disposition des étudiants.
A proximité de l’Université, se trouvent de nombreux petits restaurants, cafétérias, pizzerias qui offrent toute une gamme de plats à des prix très abordables.

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