Data Protection

1/ Student data collected by the institution:

  • - First name
  • Last Name
  • - Postal Address in Tunisia and Abroad
  • - Civil status.
  • Email
  • - Number of The Identity Document (Identity Card and Passport)
  • - Validity Period of The Identity Document
  • - Birth Date
  • - Birthplace
  • - Surname, First name and Profession of The Father
  • - Surname, First name and Profession of The Motherr
  • - Surname, First name and Profession of The Spouse
  • - Stock Exchange
  • - Sex
  • - Nationality
  • - Baccalaureate Section
  • - Medical File
  • - Higher Education and Professional Internships
  • These data are collected on forms (the application file, the rules of procedure, contact form) and on the internal software of MIT Tunis at the time of pre-registration / registration and are used exclusively for the establishment of the administrative documents of the student as well as correspondence with the student or with his parents if necessary

    Personal data (or part of this data as the case may be) is used in the context of the establishment of the following documents:

  • -Student card
  • - Registration certificate
  • - Certificate of attendance
  • - Proof of payment
  • - Report card
  • -Attendance lists
  • - Internship certificates
  • - Diplomas

2/ data relating to students that are generated during their academic career in the establishment

- The results of summative assessments (continuous assessment marks, exam marks, marks for other activities, averages, class council decisions, etc.)

- Documentation of complaints and appeals handling and related decisions

- Documentation of disciplinary and administrative decisions relating to students

- Documentation of financial transactions relating to students

- Photos and videos recorded on the premises of the establishment and outside these premises as part of activities organized by the establishment

- Student cards

- Certificates of registration, attendance and payment.

- The report card

- Attendance lists

- Internship certificates

- The diplomas

3/ Mode of processing and storage of data relating to students

The data collected is processed in Excel tables on Word tables and is stored in the central server of the establishment as well as on the following PCs

  • Education and student affairs pilot PC
  • PC of the school assistant
  • PC of general secretary
  • Exams and Certification Manager PCn
  • Director's PC
  • PC of communication managern

The people who have access to this data are:

  • The director
  • The Secretary General
  • The education manager
  • The school assistant
  • The communication manager
  • Examinations and certification manager
  • The digital manager

4/ Conditions for sharing student data with third parties

Certain data relating to learners is exchanged with the ministry responsible for higher education according to a list pre-established by the said ministry and according to a specific timetable.

    These data are as follows
  • Student's first and last name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Passport number or identity card
  • Address of the student in Tunisia
  • Nature of Baccalaureate of the student registered and the date of obtaining
  • Home institution

5/ The rights of students relating to their personal data

The processing of data relating to students is done in full respect of the three fundamental rights of the persons concerned by this data which are:

  • the consent;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to object;

and in general, all operations carried out in an automated or manual manner and whose purpose is in particular the collection, recording, storage, organization, modification, exploitation, use, shipment, distribution, dissemination or destruction or consultation of data relating to learners, as well as all operations relating to the exploitation of databases, directories and files are carried out in compliance with the clauses of Organic Law no. ° 2004-63 of July 27, 2004, relating to the protection of personal data

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